I’m NOT Depressed!

Fibromyalgia is NOT Depression!

I generally don’t even bother with doctors now. I wish the doctors, physical therapists, and psychologists who dismiss me as another loony could spend an hour in my shoes. I am NOT depressed…I crave adventure, activities and socializing SOOOOO much! I make plans that I often cannot fulfill due to the overwhelming fatigue I feel.

I have felt depressed.  I know exactly what that feels like.  It is beyond words.  After my youngest son finished treatment for leukemia, I became severely withdrawn and could not get out of bed because I literally couldn’t.  My entire mind and body refused to let me see the promise of a new day, the possibilities ahead of me, the joy of living.  Instead, I just wanted to shrink into nothing, if I never emerged into society again…that would have been okay.  Life sucked and was not worth bothering with.   Continue reading “I’m NOT Depressed!”