Fridays and Fibromyalgia

It is Friday evening.  Many people head home from work and enjoy a family meal, a happy hour with friends, perhaps a date with a spouse or partner.  My friends and colleagues live for Friday evening…they plan things, do things, enjoy things. Continue reading “Fridays and Fibromyalgia”


Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

If you are reading this, you are probably like me, affected by Fibromyalgia in some way. You may be fighting the good fight personally, or trying desperately to understand and help someone you know who is a Fibro Warrior.  Either way, I have to let you know, I am blogging to release some of the pent up frustration, anger, bemusement, and pain I feel from this debilitating disease.

I am NOT a professional.  I am NOT a doctor.  I am NOT someone who has studied Fibromyalgia and written papers/books on it.  What I AM, however, is an expert on MY OWN experience with Fibromyalgia.  And that is what I plan to share with you.  I’d love for you to join me…give me feedback, advice, share worries and woes, share successes and joys.  I believe this is a disease that needs to be talked about   It needs to be discussed.  It should be a disease that any old regular Joe on the street know and understands.  It is not any of these things yet…