I am fairly new to this whole Fibromyalgia kick.  I am 45 years young and have had pain in my body most of my life, but I was diagnosed officially two years ago.   I hated the diagnosis from the start.  Instead of feeling relief that there was a name for my pain and chronic fatigue, I realized that only a very small percent of the population even believed Fibromyalgia was a real ‘thing’.

My general doctor did not believe I had anything wrong with my physically.  To give him credit, he did perform a large series of blood tests.  But when the results were all completely normal, he decided I was depressed.  Well, as you can imagine, that made me feel rather depressed!  Yet, how could I have been so depressed since the age of about 15 when the symptoms first started appearing?  I had visited a doctor when I was in my early twenties, but she told me I was jumping on the bandwagon as my mum had Lupus.  She wouldn’t even touch me to check me out…just told me to ‘grow up’ and stop complaining!!!  WTF?

It was only when, after a two year break from seeing any doctors despite all I was feeling, that I finally got a diagnosis.  It was almost by accident.  I called in to my general doctor to pick up a prescription for my Hubby.  The doctor happened to be in the office and saw me limping and looking awful.  I was immediately whisked into his consultation room.  He asked why I didn’t come in and I told him straight… because I know all the tests will be negative and I’m just depressed.  I guess he heard the sarcasm in my voice because he set me up to see a rheumatologist.  Said rheumatologist listened to my history, pressed some points on my body, carefully got me down from the ceiling as I jumped in agony at the slightest touch on my feet (the one place I thought felt okay), and told me I had Fibro.